Long day? Imagine yourself soaking in a nice warm bath with some candles, a chardonnay in one hand and simple peace and quiet. Doesn’t that sound divine?

Taking baths have been proven to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and even help you fall asleep faster. West Hobart Plumbing has a wide range of inset and freestanding baths that will surely make you want to soak up.

Visit us at our Hobart store, and let’s talk about a bath that’s perfect for you today!



From $2,129.00

Decina Alegra Back To Wall Bath


Decina Regent Freestanding Bath

From $1,860.00

Decina Piccolo Freestanding Bath

From $328.00

Oceano Louve Inset Bath


Decina Natalia Freestanding Bath

From $275.00

Decina Bambino Inset Bath

From $3,550.00

Fienza Bahama Stone Bath